How to isolate a car fire to prevent tunnel fire and fire spread in a parking garage

Bridgehill Car Fire Blanket

By isolating the car fire in less than 20 seconds with the Bridgehill Car Fire Blanket, you avoid the risk of heavy smoke or fire spread.
The danger of a catastrophic tunnel fire is avoided.

This fire tool should be available in all tunnels, on all parking spaces, car parks, ferries, charging stations for electric cars and elsewhere where there are high concentration of cars.
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Bridge Hill Innovation is a research and development company dedicated to innovation that protects lives, environment and values. The fire in the city Laerdal (Norway) in 2014 gave us the desire to create more effective fire fighter tools, and is the reason that Bridge Hill Innovation was founded. Since then we have developed several solutions, including the first tool to extinguish fire in electric cars. Our solutions are developed with technology used in spacecraft programs, and in collaboration with professionals. An unbeatable combination for a safer future.


Fire kills about 64 people and 20 000 animals in Norway every year. About 2700 buildings and 3500 vehicles burns, and insurance companies pays 4 billion NOK annually.
Our goal is to reduce these numbers.

Core Values

This should be reflected in all our solutions and the usage of them.

  • The future lies in unique and practical technological solutions and we are committed to be part of the creative process that makes them and changes people‚Äôs lives. Innovation is the propeller of our pioneering mission, a journey only made possible with full dedication to safety and professionalism. Bridgehill is the first to safely extinguish fires in electric cars and provide tailored solutions for house fires, parking spaces, cargo ships and other places prone to dangerous fires. We have developed a unique product range combining pioneering technology with efficient and user-friendly design. We put people and their safety first. We believe in hard work, honesty and practical innovation. Our common goal is to make Bridgehill the world leader in fire safety. As a CEO, I am fully committed to build and grow a strong and enthusiastic team that will make Bridgehill an international success. My dream is to deliver innovations that the world needs and I can only succeed with the help of equally passionate colleagues, owners and dedicated customers.
    Frank Brubakken CEO | Product Designer

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