Reflective blanket designed to protect buildings, nature or objects close to a fire

The reflective blanket effectively protects against 96% of radiant heat, which is converted into convection heat and disappears upwards.

Test Example

The fire department measured 520ºC in front of the blanket and 20ºC in back of the blanket during a domestic fire where the blanket was 3 meters from the burning house. It is 500ºC difference because of a one millimeter blanket. The blanket can withstand extreme heat during a long time. We sat a wooden pallet next to the blanket, and this caught fire from the radiant heat after a short time, while the blanket with its wooden frame stood unaffected during the entire fire.

The blanket does not tolerate direct flames. If the buildings are so close that direct flames can hit the blanket, Inferno Block ™ blanket should be used instead. These two blankets together is an incredible effective solution to prevent the spread of fire. But usually it is enough to just use the reflective blanket alone.

Quick and easy to hang up.
Resource saving solution as the fire crew don not having to purge for cooling.
Very environmentally friendly! Either water or foam is needed, and the blanket can be used many times.

Ideal for use by fire departments, and to be provided in conservation areas, among dense wooden houses, camping sites, marinas etc.

How to protect wooden houses against fire

Bridgehill Heatblock

This video shows how to strengthen the readiness for fire in vulnerable tree houses.

In a real situation, the reflective fire blanket is nailed quickly on to the wooden house to protect it from neighboring fire .

The fire blanket effectively protects against 96% of the radiant heat and avoids the consequences of using water or foam.

A flame blocking blanket that stops all embers and flames, and reduces heat by up to 60%.

Easily and instantly mounted (eg. with nails) directly onto the burning object.

Test Example

The blanket was hung directly on the burning building. Flames or embers did not pass, and it made sure the wall behind the burning object also kept standing much longer. The only thing that was left after the house fire, was the foundations, chimneys and the Inferno Block ™ blanket.

In combination with the Heat Block ™ reflective blanket, this is the most secure mobile solution against the spread of fire. We recommend using the Heat Block ™ as well, to protect the object of protection from ignition by radiant heat.

A perfect solution in areas where buildings are so close together that flames can get directly contact nearby buildings.

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