How to isolate a car fire to prevent tunnel fire and fire spread in a parking garage

Bridgehill Car Fire Blanket

By isolating the car fire in less than 20 seconds with the Bridgehill Car Fire Blanket, you avoid the risk of heavy smoke or fire spread.
The danger of a catastrophic tunnel fire is avoided.

This fire tool should be available in all tunnels, on all parking spaces, car parks, ferries, charging stations for electric cars and elsewhere where there are high concentration of cars.
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The simplest and most effective car fire solution

The fire and smoke are isolated within seconds of spreading the blanket over the car. Ideal solution for hotels, ferries, shopping centres, hospitals and other public areas with many human lives at stake. Every year there are 100,000 car fires in the UK alone and 3,500 in Norway.

User friendly

1: Unroll the blanket in front of or behind the car/burning object
2: Grab the handles in the corners, and pull over the blanket in one movement
3: Wrap the blanket tightly around the car to reduce the supply of oxygen
4: Leave on for about 20 minutes

Product information

Bridgehill car fire blanket provides the quickest and most effective way to extinguish a car fire by removing oxygen supply. Toxic gases and smoke are stifled immediately in fossil cars. Same immediate result is achieved in electric cars, whose batteries have not been affected by the fire.

Leave the blanket for at least 20 minutes for immediate and complete isolation of fire and smoke. Use the blanket to immediately isolate the fire and block the smoke. If needed, add another blanket on top. If the lithium batteries are on fire (you would hear that) please wait for the firemen. They will use Bridgehill’s unique and patented Lithium blanket, designed specifically for that purpose (the only one in the world and for professional use only).


Parking lots

10 cars burns every day in Norway. In car parks where vehicles are parked close, it is important to isolate and extinguish a fire immediately. With our solutions you can do exactly that, and secure the cars and environment around it. In car parks at shopping centres an early intervention can prevent fire alarms from going off and sales from being lost.


Ferry companies are particularly vulnerable to car fires, and need to isolate and extinguish such a fire immediately. Our solutions are made to do exactly that. An early intervention can prevent fire alarms from going off and guests from feeling anxious – and aslo save the company for major repairs and expensive downtime afterwards.

Gas stations

10 cars burn in Norway every day. Gas stations are especially vulnerable to fire, and need to extinguish or isolate such a fire immediately to avoid a critical situation. Bridgehill has a solution that does exactly that. Can also be used to extinguish fire in garbage containers or other items.

Auto repair shops

Electric cars have autoignited 3 weeks after a collision. Because of this, most manufacturers recommend a minimum of 48 hour quarantine before collided cars should be repaired. If autoignition happens in that period, the Bridgehill car fire blanket will isolate the fire, even when the vehicle is unattended. The blanket will also signal clearly that the car under it is electric, and make the surroundings of the car safer.

Towing services

Lithium batteries can autoignite spontaneously anytime after a collision. The danger is especially great when the wreck is moved, and towing services are therefore particularly vulnerable. With Bridgehill car fire blanket over the wreck, a car fire is kept isolated during the transport.


The risk of fire in tunnels increases with more traffic, higher speed limits, number of tunnels and their length. The insulation in a tunnel is often made of highly flammable material, and a fire can cause extensive damage. Using a powder extinguisher to fight a car fire is not always easy, as the fire source in the car often is hard to locate.
Bridgehill Innovation has developed an effective solution for immediate isolation and smothering of car fire. Our Bridgehill car fire blanket is easily pulled over the burning vehicle by two people to put out the fire, minimize toxic smoke, and secure people and traffic around it.

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