The easiest and the only effective solution to control fire in a fork lift

Of all the vehicle’s, fork lift is the vehicle that provides the greatest consequences of fire. With fork lifts running in huge warehouses great values are ​​at stake. The fire is under control in the same second the Bridgehill Fork Lift Blanket is pulled over the fork lift. With fire in smaller fork lifts pull the blanket over the entire fork lift. For fires in larger fork lifts, pull the blanket over the cabin and down between the mast and cabin.

For places with narrow corridors, we have developed a method that allows you to pull the blanket over the fork lift without going closer than four meters from the fork lift. A fold line is attached to the fabric. Throw the line over and pull quickly from the other side until the blanket extends the fork lift.
The only solution in the world that effectively isolates fire in electric fork lifts.

Fire in electric fork lifts is challenging for two reasons

1. For safety reasons, the fork lift is programmed to lock the wheels when fire and cannot move.
2. Lithium batteries can not be put out in the usual manner and must be isolated.

When you can not move the fork lift to isolate it, our method is the only way to handle such a fire. Our blankets are therefore a natural first choice when a “first responder kit” is assembled.

Product information

When used properly insulated fabric isolates fumes, gas and heat in a few seconds. Supply of oxygen is stopped, and further spreading is prevented.
The blanket can be used with fire in several areas such as industrial machines, installations, garbage containers, motorcycles, boats, etc.

From January 2018 Bridgehill delivers the world’s first solution that also extinguishes fire in lithium batteries on all vehicles. This solution is intended for professionals, and only needs a brief introduction before use.

Product facts

– Weight: 450 grams/m2
– Can be delivered in a smartbag for attachment to the fork lift or hanging on a hook from the wall.
– The only solution in the world that isolates fire in electric vehicles.

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