NRK Vestfold, March 2017

“Larvik Fire Department has tested the car fire blanket and think that it is a good product. Our experience is that the effect is very good. This is a product we believe in, says Jan-Olav Vagle, Deputy Fire Chief.”
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“Actually, this should be standard in all parking garages and also in ferries. It gives you valuable time” – Even Moan, Emergency manager in Ringerike.
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NRK News, March 2017

See the Norwegian national news channel´s report about Bridgehill Innovation´s solutions for fire fighting in electric cars and batteries.
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Elbilplassen, March 2017

“Norwegian innovation extinguishes fire in the electric car within minutes. The solution is developed and patented by Bridgehill Innovation, and was last week demonstrated with fire safety professionals.”
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