Bridgehill in Japan

Published 03.11.2023 by Maiken Refsdal

EV fire demonstration in Japan

Last month, Yone Co., Ltd, a leading firefighting equipment manufacturer, and Ehime Prefecture Fire Academy jointly addressed the rising concerns of electric vehicle (EV) fires due to the increasing popularity of electric- and hybrid vehicles.

To tackle this issue, Yone Co., Ltd are introducing Bridgehill fire blankets and organized the first-ever EV fire demonstration in Japan.

The Bridgehill car fire blanket was used on the burning EV, allowed us to quickly control the fire. We closely monitored the batteries throughout the process, and it will be documented that the EV fire was fully extinguished within 10 hours. This impressive response not only demonstrated the exceptional training and preparedness, but also emphasized the reliability and effectiveness of the fire blanket.

The event attracted around 130 participants, including firefighters from Ehime, Aichi, and Hyogo Prefectures, alongside media representatives. In addition, many major Japanese car manufacturers were also present during this demonstration. 

We are honored to have had the opportunity to participate in this event and to have Yone Co., Ltd as our esteemed partner in Japan.

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