Fire blanket test in Umeå, Sweden

Published 09.08.2022 by Anne Kathrine

KGK and Umeå Fire Department in Sweden have tested Bridgehill fire blankets - "safe, climate friendly and resource-efficient".

Spring 2022, KGK - a Bridgehill agent in Sweden, were contacted by Tobias Edberg who is responsible for car fires at Umeå Fire Department. He was interested in testing the Bridgehill fire blankets, and invited KGK to their training facility outside Umeå Airport. 

Very efficient

The firefighter- team was positive about the use of the blanket. Already after 2 minutes the fire was under control and isolated the car. If this was a real case it would have been possible to send parts of the team on to other missions, since the remaining part of the extinguishing only needed to be guarded. This is normally done after one hour into the extinguishing work.


The firefighters expressed that the fire blanket felt both safe and flexible, and it was perceived as easy to handle. The team said they found the fire blanket to isolate the fire very effectively. It also ensured that the fire did not spread, it reduced smoke and shield the heat. Small explosions inside the burning car were also muffled by the fire blanket, and made it feel safe to be in the vicinity of the fire.

Climate friendly

It also became clear to the participants during the test that the Bridgehill fire blankets, in addition to being effective and safe, are also a climate friendly way to extinguish fires.


When putting out a car fire- large quantities of water are being used, and contaminated extinguishing water is inevitably released into the wild. This is avoided by using Bridgehill fire blankets.

Temperature drop

The exercise consisted of several tests where the vehicle was ignited repeatedly. At one point the temperature under the fire blanket was 1200 degrees Celsius, and it dropped to around 200 degrees Celsius after 10 minutes!
Both KGK and the firefighters´ experience during the test- was that it felt very safe to put out a vehicle fire with a Bridgehill fire blanket: We are convinced that the Bridgehill fire blankets also create great security and safety in, for example, workshops. If a fire occurs in such an environment, it is of the utmost importance that the fire is quickly under control to not cause an entire workshop fire.

The fire blanket in this test was a reusable professional fire blanket. 


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