SalMar averted fire in pallet truck

Published 17.09.2019 by Bridgehill

One of the world's largest producers of farmed salmon, SalMar, averted a major fire with a Bridgehill forklift fire blanket.

A battery fire in a pallet truck could have resulted in a catastrophic outcome and lead to critical downtime for the Norwegian company SalMar. Luckily, with good routines and appropriate fire extinguishing equipment in place the forklift driver where able to quickly isolate the fire and get it under control with a Bridgehill forklift fire blanket.

Increased the level of fire safety

Some years ago, SalMar increased the level of fire safety and invested in Bridgehill forklift fire blankets. The fire blankets have been available in the loading/unloading areas, workshops and the warehouse. After the fire, SalMar decided to add fire blankets in areas where they have permanently installed battery charging.

Fire in a pallet truck

“The fire started in a pallet truck in our loading/unloading area where there are large amounts of styrofoam. The picture was taken before the working day had started and is therefore empty of styrofoam. The pallet truck was not charging at the time it ignited, and we were lucky that this happened during daytime while there were people present. The forklift driver responded quickly - picked up the fire blanket and covered the pallet truck. After an hour of venting, we were in full production again. ” says Tor Magne Brenna industrial protection manager at SalMar.

Enormous consequences

Fire is one of the most common causes of damage and downtime in factories, production and warehouses. The smoke alone can destroy valuable stock and equipment. If a fire is not contained quickly, the consequences can be catastrophic!


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