National Firefighters Congress, Mâcon, France 2024

Published 30.04.2024 by Mona Morsi

Bridgehill is excited to attend the National Firefighters Congress of 2024, from september 25th to 28th in Mâcon, France.

Mâcon 2024 Congress: A Must-Attend Event for Firefighters

The national congress of firefighters in France is a significant event for civil security professionals, set to take place at the Mâcon Exhibition Center in Saône-et-Loire.

Tradition of French Fire Service

The French fire service, known as Sapeurs-Pompiers de France, has a long-standing tradition of hosting annual congress fairs, which have become major highlights for tourism, politics, and economics in their respective regions.

Highlight for Saône-et-Loire

This year, Mâcon in Saône-et-Loire will host the significant event, promising to be an exceptional gathering following the success of previous congresses in different regions.

Key Highlights of the Congress

  • A platform for exchanges, conferences, and workshops
  • Professional fair showcasing the latest technological and operational advancements by hundreds of companies

Theme: Young Firefighters of Today, Firefighters of Tomorrow

The central theme of the congress, "Young firefighters of today, firefighters of tomorrow," reflects Mâcon's pioneering efforts in creating a young firefighters section, emphasizing an intergenerational approach.

Event in Numbers

Anticipating 50,000 visitors, including 2,500 congress attendees and 350 exhibitors, the Mâcon 2024 congress promises to be an unmissable event for firefighters and civil security stakeholders.

In Conclusion

The Mâcon 2024 congress is expected to be an event rich in exchanges, discoveries, and conviviality, with a strong focus on raising public awareness about civil security and showcasing the region's heritage and expertise. Bridgehill is happy to attend a convention that shares our commitment to the future and sustainability in the fire industry. 

Our fire blankets and fire sails offer an eco-friendly approach to fire control by containing smoke and toxic fumes without producing wastewater or toxic fumes. Unlike traditional methods like water and foam, our products prevent contamination of groundwater, making them a sustainable choice for fire suppression.

Planning to attend?

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Looking forward to seeing you there!

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