Electric vehicle fire inside a garage in Colorado

Published 11.01.2024 by Maiken Refsdal

South Metro Fire Rescue Centennial, Colorado responded to an electric vehicle fire inside a garage in Centennial using the Bridgehill EV fire blanket. Thankfully, all residents evacuated safely without any injuries.

This information has been sourced from South Metro Fire Rescue in Centennial, Colorado.

EV fire inside a garage

On Wednesday, January 10, 2024, residents inside a home in Centennial heard their smoke alarms activate and found their house filling smoke. They dialed 911 and quickly discovered the electric vehicle in the garage was engulfed. Thankfully, the residents safely evacuated and were not injured.

When Firefighters and Sheriff Deputies arrived, they observed a large volume of smoke pouring from the garage and visible fire under the door. Fire control and primary searches were carried out and crews prevented the fire from extending into the living space of the home.

EV fire blanket

The Hazardous Materials Team responded to help mitigate the burning EV with a fire blanket. Safety 35’s F-150 was used to pull the burning Jaguar onto the driveway where the blanket could be safely deployed. A hybrid vehicle inside the garage was also damaged, and firefighters used a second EV fire blanket to cover it out of an abundance of caution.

After both vehicles were loaded onto tow trucks, Arapahoe County Sheriff and Engine 41 escorted them to a salvage yard in Parker where the smoldering car will be left until the temperature cools and the fire is out. Fire Investigators determined the fire started in a 2019 Jaguar I-PACE that was charging when the fire occurred. A recall was issued for the I-PACE last year after a battery overheating issue caused fires.

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