Bridgehill reusable fire blanket on EV fire

Published 22.02.2023 by Anne Kathrine

Real case scenario from East Wittering, UK.

It is always great to see our fire blankets in action and to know that someone is out there saving lives and properties. This story and pictures are from East Wittering Fire Station in Chichester, UK.
In January 2023 East Wittering Fire Station responded to a fire. One of the vehicles involved was an electric car so special precautions were put in place, which included a lithium fire extinguisher and the Bridgehill reusable fire blanket.
Crews from Chichester and Bognor including three breathing apparatus crews also attended and were successful in preventing the fire from spreading to the main building.
Most importantly nobody was hurt in the incident and it was a really good save!
Be careful out there and please call the fire department as soon as you can, a few minutes can make a big difference!
This story and pictures are published with permission from East Wittering Fire Station. 

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