Bridgehill Pro X - 30 times reusable car fire blanket EV Fire Demonstration in Japan

Published 05.06.2024 by Mona Morsi

Bridgehill and our partner, Yone Corporation, organized a car fire blanket demonstration in Japan with key participants from leading car producers, shipping companies, and both local and national media outlets in attendance.

Illustrating the efficiency of car fire blankets

Our collaboration with our local distributor in Japan showcased the effectiveness and importance of our innovative safety products, particularly the Bridgehill Pro X blanket, which can be reused up to 30 times, making it a sustainable and cost-effective choice for fire safety.

The event featured a joint initiative by Yone Corporation and the Ehime Fire Academy, focusing on Electric Vehicle (EV) Fire Extinguishing Test and Training. The use of car fire blankets in Japan represents a significant advancement in fire safety for EVs. The demonstration illustrated the efficiency of car fire blankets in swiftly controlling EV fires, underscoring their importance in enhancing fire safety measures for electric and fossil fuel vehicles.

Ensuring fire safety for both electric and traditional vehicles

The demonstration, which utilized a Bridgehill car fire blanket to extinguish a vehicle fire within a short timeframe, garnered attention from various clients, prefectures, and automotive manufacturers, as well as clients from Ro-Ro shipping.

This event emphasized the critical role of car fire blankets in ensuring fire safety for both electric and traditional vehicles.

We would like to thank all those who participated in and supported this informative and engaging demonstration.

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