NFPA 701 Certification

Published 14.02.2024 by Maiken Refsdal

NFPA 701 Certification

We are glad to share that we have obtained NFPA 701 certification for Car Pro X and Car Standard fire blankets. This represents our unwavering dedication to ensuring safety and quality in everything we do.


NFPA 701 sets the benchmark for flame resistance in textiles, guaranteeing that materials effectively reduce fire hazards. This accomplishment validates our products' adherence to strict safety standards, providing our customers with peace of mind and affirming our commitment to excellence.

Looking Ahead

Moving forward, this certification will drive us to continue innovating and raising the bar for safety and quality in our industry. We are devoted to not only meeting but exceeding our customers' expectations and the demanding requirements of today's safety-conscious world.


Bridgehill Car Standard Single Use Nr 101248 (NFPA)

Bridgehill Car Pro X Nr. 103251 (NFPA)

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