• EV Fire Blankets

    Preferred by firefighters worldwide

  • Lithium Fire Blanket

    Isolate fire within seconds

  • Forklift Fire Blanket

    Avoid warehouse downtime

Fire Blankets

Every fire starts small. The key is to isolate and extinguish it before it becomes a disaster. From kitchen appliances to cars and forklift trucks, Bridgehill Fire Blankets are the fastest, simplest and safest way to contain and extinguish fire – and the only solution to work on lithium batteries and electric vehicles.

Which blanket is right for you?

Fire Sails

Every year, wildfires and building fires take countless lives and cause millions of dollars of damage. Bridgehill Fire Sails stop fire from spreading to nearby buildings – protecting people, property and even entire communities from the devastating effects of fire.

Which sail is right for you?