• Bridgehill Fire Blankets

    Industry-leading manufacturer of extreme fire blankets. 

    The fastest, safest and most eco-friendly way to extinguish and isolate fires - even in lithium batteries and electric vehicles

Why choose a Bridgehill Fire Blanket?

Isolate fire in seconds

With a Bridgehill Fire Blanket, you can isolate the fire, smoke and toxic fumes from any car fire or small fire in seconds. 

No maintenance

Bridgehill Fire Blankets require no maintenance or upkeep. Reusable versions only need to be aired and dried between uses.

An effective solution – even on electric vehicles

Bridgehill Fire Blankets are the only solution who works effectively on lithium battery fires and electric vehicles.


Unlike water, foam and powder extinguishers, Bridgehill Fire Blankets don’t release any toxic fumes into the air or hazardous substances onto the ground.


Our PRO fire blankets can be used up to 30 times.

Tested intensively

Our fire blankets have been extensively tested by firefighters, both in the lab and in the field.