The simplest, safest and most effective way to isolate lithium battery fires.

Lithium battery fires don’t respond to traditional fire extinguishers, which makes even small lithium battery fires extremely dangerous. The Bridgehill Lithium Fire Blanket will isolate a burning lithium battery safely for hours.


How it works

Simply place the Bridgehill Lithium Fire Blanket over the burning battery to immediately isolate the flames. 

Step 1 – Get ready

Place the fire blanket on the ground in front of the lithium battery fire.

Step 2 – Cover the fire

Place or gently throw it over the burning battery.

Step 3 – Wait 20 min

Make sure the fire blanket is tight around the burning battery to stop any fire from spreading.

Where to use it

Auto repair and other workshops

Any auto repair shops or other workshops that work with lithium batteries should have a Bridgehill Lithium Fire Blanket easily available so staff can isolate the fire until it can be put out.

Car manufacturers

Car manufacturers who work with lithium batteries should have a Bridgehill Lithium Fire Blanket available anywhere that a lithium fire could break out.

Recycling stations

Lithium batteries inside broken equipment have a greater chance of catching fire. A Bridgehill Lithium Fire Blanket should be available at all recycling stations that handle broken and used lithium batteries.

Battery manufacturers

All lithium battery manufacturers should have Bridgehill Lithium Fire Blankets readily available throughout the building.

Why it works better than powder, water or foam

Traditional fire extinguishers, such as foam and water, don’t work on lithium battery fires. The only way to extinguish a lithium battery fire is to flood the battery with water. A Lithium Fire Blanket will safely isolate a lithium fire battery for hours, until it can be flooded and extinguished.

  • Fast and effective – works in seconds
  • Simple – can be used by anyone
  • Eco-friendly – reduce toxic fumes or liquids

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