• Bridgehill Heat Block

    The ultimate solution for protecting buildings, property and communities from fire

Why use Bridgehill Fire Sails?

Stop fire in its tracks

Every year, wildfires and building fires take countless lives and cause millions of dollars of damage. Bridgehill Fire Sails stop fire from spreading to nearby buildings – protecting people, property and even entire communities from the devastating effects of fire.

Highly effective

Bridgehill Fire Sails block flames, burning embers and up to 98% of radiant heat to keep flammable buildings safe for days. They are simply the most effective mobile solution against the spread of fire.

Fast and easy to use

Bridgehill Fire Sails can be attached to a building or hung with steel wire to create a fireproof wall in a matter of minutes.


Our fire sails can be used multiple times. After use, just rinse them with water and let them dry.

No maintenance

Every Bridgehill Fire Sail comes in its own smartbag and requires no maintenance or upkeep.


Unlike water, foam and powder extinguishers, Bridgehill Fire Sails don’t release any toxic fumes into the air or hazardous substances onto the ground.

Intensively tested

Bridgehill Fire Sails have been extensively tested by firefighters, both in the lab and in the field.