EU Parliament invests in fire blankets

Published 08.02.2023 by Anne Kathrine

Greater numbers of Electric Vehicles (EVs) are coming onto the roads all the time.

Electric vehicles are non-polluting, quiet and nimble to drive. Unfortunately, they can have fire safety issues.

However, there are several critical differences between fires in EVs and those in conventionally-fueled vehicles. Firefighters need to know these differences, and acquire the correct tools and expertise to fight EV fires, for the safety of the public, says Frank Brubakken founder of Bridgehill fire blankets.

"A fire in a vehicle can quickly spread to other cars parked close by. Any car fire is dangerous and toxic, but a conflagration at a parking garage, gas station, road tunnel, passenger ferry or other location where cars are parked close together can lead to serious consequences" Brubakken continues.

Invests in fire blankets

We are proud to announce that one of our partners in Belgium, BGS Fire Protection, won a big tender with the EU head quarters in Brussels, Luxembourg, and Strasbourg.

Bridgehill fire blankets were a big part of this tender, and we are humble to inform that all EU HQs will have our car fire blankets on each level in their underground parking to increase the level of security.

The importance of training sessions

At Bridgehill we want to ensure correct use of the fire blanket. It is of great importance that first responders have been trained properly before using the fire blanket in the event of a real fire.

Three major training sessions were therefore carried out at the EU Parliament underground parking garage in Brussels. We were extremely impressed with the response time for the first responder teams at the EU HQ which was 2-5 minutes! This is just in time to prevent extreme fires and possible big property damage.

Prepared for the future

We are incredibly pleased to see that fire safety is on top of the agenda, especially now these days where the number of electric vehicles on the roads are increasing every day.

Congratulations to the European Parliament with your investment in fire security and our car fire blankets!

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